Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Photography~

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  1. Good morning! I happened upon your blog this morning as I was on your Mom's blog and your Welch's photo caught my eye. We are Concord and Niagara grape growers. All of our grapes go into Welch's juice and products. I wanted to tell you that I love your photo. It is very cool. I've sent the link to your blog to our local National Grape plant so they too can see your photo. National Grape is a farmer owned co-op that owns Welch's. I love it when I see vintage Welch's items. What you have captured in your photo is really neat. Is it a piece you own? Retro cool! I also love it that you are home schooled and are a believer. Bless your heart and may all your dreams of being a photographer come true. You have a good eye and that is a gift.
    Bless you,


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